The Conference Room at 715 5th Avenue

To book the Conference Room, please choose an available date and time on the calendar, below, and fill out the required information.

These key essentials will ensure a successful meeting experience:

  • You should have your own laptop and bring it with you to the Conference Room.
  • You should have local admin rights on your laptop.
  • You should have permission to add ethernet or wifi connections.
  • You should test the conference room prior to your meeting or presentation.

Please come to Suite 310 if you require any of the following additional equipment:

  • 2 hand-held microphones with table stands
  • 2 lapel microphones
  • 1 HDMI male to VGA female adapter (for laptops)

You will be asked to sign out this electronic equipment and return it upon leaving the conference room. If the office is closed, please leave any signed-out equipment with Security.

Please note that the podium microphone does not need to be signed out.

The Conference Room can only be booked 6 months in advance.