Welcome to 715 5th Avenue, Tenant Services. How can we help?

This website is designed to familiarize our tenants with the building’s operations. This includes security, emergency procedures, housekeeping, and many other available services. We encourage you to take a few minutes to become familiar with it, and we invite you to share this information with your colleagues.

Tillyard Management is responsible for the efficient running of this building. Our goal is to provide quality service and responsive attention to our tenants. Please assist us in reaching this level of service by sharing your concerns with us.


Keys and Access Cards

For new tenants moving in or current tenants who require access change, please provide your access card and/or key request by email or call +1(403) 531-3666 to make arrangements.

715 5th Avenue S.W. uses a Multi-Lock key system. Card access is not our building standard. If tenants wish to install card access, it will be considered a tenant cost.


We provide new Head Lease Tenants with a listing on our directory board, which is located in the Main Level by the security desk in the lobby. There is no charge for the initial listing; however, there is a $25 charge for any additional changes. The Tenant is responsible for the suite entrance and directional signage in the lobbies. Tillyard Management Inc. must approve all signage prior to installation.

Please note that temporary signs are not permitted without the approval of Tillyard Management Inc. No temporary signage is to be taped to building corridor walls, suite entrance doors, building entrances or lobby walls.

Tenant Requests & Tenant Request System

Please submit Maintenance Requests through the Tenant Request Management program, which can be accessed by selecting the button at the bottom of the Tenant Request page. This will take you to the Login page. There, enter your User ID and Password. Once in the system, select the type of problem (lights, plumbing, other), add the details in the comment section, and submit. This request will go directly to our Building Operations’ personnel. We prioritize requests but aim to have your issue addressed within 24 hours of submission.

Please note that this system is for NON-emergencies only. If you have an emergency (such as a leak) please call our office directly. If you are unable to reach Tillyard Management’s office at +1(403) 531-3666, please contact security at +1(403) 531-3665.

Management Office

Suite 310, 715 5th Avenue SW
Calgary, AB T2P 2X6

Telephone: +1(403) 531-3666

Building Access

6:00am – 6:00pm, Monday to Friday (includes lobby entrance doors and Plus 15 entrance doors).

Elevators operate from 6:00am to 6:00pm, Monday to Friday.

Please acquire an access card to enter the building outside of the above-mentioned times, .

As part of our Tenant Services, Tillyard Management Inc. is able to provide our new and current Tenants with a set of moving regulations to ensure minimal inconvenience and to prevent damage to the building.

Please review the below list with your movers in advance.

1. All moves and large deliveries must go through the loading dock, which is accessible from 6th & 7th Street SW. We do not permit large deliveries to go through the main floor doors.

2. Freight elevators ONLY are to be used for moving and/or large deliveries.

3. After moves, Tillyard Management Inc. may inspect walls, doors, elevator cabs and other areas around the route to be used during a move for damage. After any move, the Tenant is fully responsible for repair of damages.

4. If damages are realized due to a move or the delivery of large items, Tillyard Management Inc. will repair the damage caused by the move and costs will be charged to the Tenant with a 15% administration fee.

5. To reserve the freight elevator between the hours of 6:00am – 6:00pm, contact security by email at 715security@paladinsecurity.com or by calling +1(403) 531-3665.

6. To reserve the freight elevator after hours, contact Tillyard Management Inc. by emailing kschneider@tillyardgroup.com or by calling +1(403) 531-3666.

7. All additional costs associated with after-hour and weekend moves, such as requiring extra staff coverage or call-ins due to door or fire alarms, will be charged back to the Tenant plus a 15% administration fee.

8. If any moving is done outside of regular business hours (6am-6pm, Monday-Friday), additional security must be hired at a minimum charge of 3 hours

We ask Tenants to provide Tillyard Management Inc. with several contingency contacts. Ideally, Emergency Contacts are officers or administrators with the authority to make decisions in emergency situations. These situations can include power/water interruptions, HVAC failures, floods, etc. or planned interruptions.

Fire Warden and Assistant Fire Warden are persons who liaise between Tillyard Management Inc. and the Tenant in the case of meetings, evacuation processes and emergency preparedness. Fire Wardens must be able to function effectively in a supervisory capacity during emergencies.

The Initial Contact designate is the liaison between Tillyard Management Inc. and the Tenant regarding general information. We require this contact to forward information to individuals within their company and/or post information within their office.

Please ensure that any changes to these contacts are made known to Tillyard Management Inc.

Tillyard Management Inc. provides a safe and comfortable environment for all tenants. There is a smoke-free policy throughout the building including all premises, common areas, lobbies, washrooms, stairwells, parking garage, elevators and within 5 meters of any building entrance.

We do have a safe smoking area available. Please email kpoole@tillyardgroup.com for further details.

As per our environmental initiatives, our Tenant Services include quality janitorial day cleaning service from 7am – 3pm. Standard housekeeping services for tenants are provided five days a week, excluding holidays.

Services include:

Emptying garbage and replacing plastic liners

Removing collected garbage to designated areas

Dusting and spot cleaning furniture, fixtures and accessories

Dusting and spot cleaning horizontal surfaces such as tops of desks (only if cleared), window ledges, tables, chairs and partition ledges

Removing finger marks from door glass, partition wall glass, walls and office partitions

Dust/wet-mopping all hard surface floors

Inside premises, wall to wall vacuuming is performed one evening per week. Elevator lobbies are completed nightly.

Various other daily, nightly and periodic cleaning is performed on building exterior, lobbies, entrances and suites.

For any additional cleaning needs that are outside of standard housekeeping services, please make requests in writing to Tillyard Management Inc.

Tillyard Management Inc. makes frequent inspections to monitor the quality of our janitorial service, and we meet regularly with our contractor and supervisors to assess performance. Tenant contacts are encouraged to notify Tillyard Management Inc. immediately with any comments or concerns with cleaning, so we may address these issues as soon as possible.

Tillyard Management Inc. provides parking facilities that comprise 389 parking stalls located in an above-ground and underground parkade. All parking is reserved 24/7 and entry to the parkade can be accessed only through the use of a programmed security access card.

The maximum clearance in the above-ground parkade is 6’3″ and the underground parkade is 6’5″. Tillyard Management Inc. is not liable for lost or stolen items, damages, or vandalism that might occur in the parkade.

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