Environmental and Recycling Initiatives

Energy Saving Initiatives

Reducing energy consumption in buildings is one of the key aspects of effectively addressing climate change, increasing energy efficiency, and saving resources. We have initiated some key sustainable practices, including the reduction of wasted energy in our HVAC system, our mechanical power systems, our chilled water system, our building cooling system, and our heating system. As of December of 2018, we have also completely replaced all the base lighting at 715 5th Avenue with LED bulbs.

With that in mind, Tillyard Management Inc. continues to work on environmental and recycling programs and we have implemented the following improvements to the 715 -5th Avenue SW building:

Recycling Programs

Tillyard Management Inc. is dedicated to protecting and preserving our environment through the management and continuous review of key environmental and recycling initiatives. By managing with energy and environmental performance in mind, we meet our ultimate goal of providing a safe and healthy work environment for our tenants, guests, clients, service providers and staff.

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